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"Yes, hello. You've reached the mobile of Sherlock Holmes. If this is Lestrade, I will be there shortly. If this is John, you know better than to leave a voicemail. If this is Mycroft, the answer is no. Anything else, please hang up and send a text."


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I just started a new job on Monday, so I've been a little crazy and lacking in free time. I'm still floating around! I promise we'll be back soon.
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OOC: Following exchange here.

"Well, if she was a relative of yours, then yes, I'm sure she did possess a certain degree of madness," Sherlock shouted at her over his shoulder. His excitement was far too much to contain; he did have a certain fondness for taxidermied animals. Never had he before seen them put in imaginary situations, such as a tea party. It made it all the more interesting and exciting.

He waiting for Anthea at the door, rocking on his heels a bit. He could be just like a little kid sometimes, waiting to go to the sweets shop.

"What else should I be aware of before we enter Aunt Agatha's House of Oddities?"
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Sherlock sat down at a small table near the front, ordered himself a coffee, and took out his mobile. He placed it on the table next to him, just in case Molly needed to get in touch with him or if she got lost as he was unsure of how familiar she was with the western side of London.

He thanked the waitress as she brought him his coffee, then added a good amount of sugar to the cup. He mixed it in, swirling his spoon absent mindedly, thinking about Molly's lewd photo. He wasn't thinking about it in a pervy way, just a factual way. She had stated that she had meant to send it to someone else; however, he had been told many times by many people that Molly fancied him. He was generally oblivious to those sort of advances, so it had been surprising to say the least. He wondered how genuine her excuse was - had she actually meant to send it to him, but then feigned mistake? She also seemed very apologetic and embarrassed, which led him to believe that she was telling the truth. She wouldn't have gotten so flustered if she had meant to send it to him in the first place.

He brought the cup to his lips as he glanced down at his phone to ensure she hadn't called or texted him.


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